Chislehurst Artists held its AGM last night when Gwenyth Wheeler stepped down from her role as Chairman following her 4 year term

She was warmly thanked for her valuable contribution and received a bouquet of flowers

Our new Chairman is Jacky Franklin 10

The Subject for our demonstration in November was painting with water soluble oils given by Alex Roch

She believes that drawing is the basis of creativity and chooses to sketch in situ but also uses her own photographs for further reference

For her demonstration she chose a venetian scene which she had previously completed from one of her sketches looking down the canal from one of the many bridges

Alex explained that water soluble oils are an ideal medium for taking on hoilday as the paint can be squeezed directly onto a folding palette for transport and only require a little water to use

She prefers to use canvas pads as these are easily transportable and flat headed acrylic brushes for easy care

Having made a pencil sketch onto the paper and provided a basic wash of acrylic paint she then proceeded to demonstrate how easy these oils are to use

Thank you Alex in providing insight into the use of this medium with some useful tips.

Alex Roch - The finished venetian canal painting using water soluble oils which was used as a reference throughout the demonstration

At our October meeting Sonia Bacchus gave us a talk about Women Artists through the ages whilst posing the question why dont we know more about them

Sonia had a formidable task covering the numerous artists ranging from Marcia 116-27 BC employed by noble Romans to Tamara Lempicka 1898-1980

It was a large subject to cover within the allotted time so Sonia selected women artists from each period and a variety of nationalities providing an interesting overview with examples of their work

Thank you Sonia for an intersting evening


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Our september meeting was entitled Monoprinting but little did we know we were in for much more than an excellent demonstration of a specific technique

Curtis Tappenden was our guest speaker who had driven all the way from Brighton He was all set up and ready to go by 7.30 on the dot and go he did His presentation included performance of his own poetry as well as an inspiring demonstration of how to do monoprints with a delivery that was fluent accessible and full of humour

He even provided us with photocopied instruction and ideas sheets and gave us the opportunity to buy his greeting cards and poetry books and to peruse his numerous sketch books

Unsurprisingly Curtis has had an amazingly full and varied career finding time to write paint illustrate teach creative writing and art and give demonstrations to groups like ours

Im sure that everyone who met him in Chislehurst tuesday night will agree with me that Curtis Tappenden is an inspirational teacher and demonstrator

It was a great pleasure and privilege to have met him

Thank you Curtis

At our August meeting it was time to have a go. Following on from our portrait demonstration the previous month we had two excellent models Naomi and Robin to put into practice what we had learnt These sessions are always well attended and it is interesting to see the different approaches taken by the Art Club members

A big thank you to Naomi and Robin for agreeing to act as our portrait models


The Art Club held an exhibition at Coolings Nurseries on 14th and 15th July 2018. A wide variety of paintings, sculptures, browsers and cards were submitted and it was recorded that there were 356 visitors over the two days, who provided good feedback comments on the exhibition. Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered. See a collage of the work below. JC

Our demonstration for July was a portrait in Acrylics by Keith Morton. One of our club members, Ann, volunteered to model for Keith and after setting up the pose he then explained and demonstrated the importance of accurate measuring and application of marks with a brush on the paper to create a likeness of the model. He showed us how to bring the 2 D image to a 3 D by the use of shadows and highlights with a limited palette. See the finished picture below.

Thank you Keith for an interesting demonstration I am sure we will all have a go. JC

Model Ann with her portrait in Acrylics by Keith Morton

In June we were treated to a demonstration by Jean Turton on the use of chinese brushes to create traditional styles of chinese paintings. Jean explained the importance of the flow of Chi and the four treasures of the scholars desk. These being the Inkstone, Ink Stick, Brush and the paper, in addition she talked about the three elements of a chinese painting which are the painting itself, the calligraphy and the chop or seal.

Thank you Jean for a fascinating talk and demonstration and guidance on how to get the most out of our brushes. See examples of Jeans work below.